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I am a sculptor/designer/educator who lives in Greensboro, NC.


I currently teach at High Point University and have a studio in Greensboro.        


When I first started creating sculpture, I questioned the function of objects designed for the human environment. I thought about how a chair or lamp could be repurposed to become art and, in turn, create the side effects of longer life and more efficient use. As my career path curved and split, from art to architecture to product design to now teaching, I kept questioning function but evolving my understanding of it through the use of the latest digital design tools combined with the more traditional means of metal and woodworking. I now design and build objects that blur the line between functional furniture and sculpture. 


I have tried not to be boxed in by the so-called limitations of metal or wood; instead, I find inspiration in exploring unconventional uses of such materials, as when I put to use what could be perceived as a material’s weakness—the flimsiness of ¼-inch MDF-board—in a design requiring flexibility. My most recent work has been a series of furniture studies that I created by analyzing and manipulating forms first digitally, then by building them with various metals, woods, repurposed objects, and innovative green materials. These studies could be classified as chairs or furniture, but they explore the tension between the object as one meant for observation (because each appears more sculptural than functional) and one meant for practical use, as most furniture is.


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Brandon King Jones

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