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LATEST WORK  - For my complete portfolio click here.

Slice & Dice: 39.25” x 21” x 35.25”

1/8" Acrylic sheets, zinc coated threaded rod




Morph Rocker: 48"x55"x37"

Formaldehyde free masonite, zinc coated threaded rod, and plastic pipe.




Arc Rocker: 33"x54"x39"

1/2" Birch Plywood, zinc coated threaded rod, and 1/2" PVC sheets .



Prototype 4: 3’-9” x 6’-9“x 4’-0”

¾” Birch Plywood (F.F.), Reclaimed Rubber Bicycle Inner Tubes, Nails, Crown Staples




Prototype 1: 3’-9” x 3’-6“ x 2’-7”

F.F. MDF, Felt Covered Reclaimed Automotive Foam, Zinc Coated Hardware



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